Mastering Services

2-Track Mastering

€65  per song


2-Track meaning one stereo file (finished mixdown) which is the most common way to get your masters done.


 €65 + €20 for each additional stem


The individual mastering and summing of up to 8 stems. This is very common in the hip-hop scene, where vocals are treated separately from the instrumental.

Stem mastering


€5 for each stem

Analog summing on the Neve 5060. Up to max 24 stereo stems.

Mix Down

€200 per song


The complete mix down of a song. All tracks are treated individually and effects are being added. Including analogue summing on the Neve desk.

Mixdown Mastering

Mixdown + 2-Track Mastering

€240 per song


The complete package. The complete mix down of a song with 2 track mastering.